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  • February 19, 2021
  • Admins

Building Products Under The Magnifying Glass



Eilon Yahalom, Product Manager – Klarna

What’s the best way to push back on certain decisions that upper management wants you to go for, but you believe is not correct or that you should collect more data for first?

Bahareh Zand, Head of Global Product Area Payments at H&M Group

How to keep the startup curiosity and thinking, alongside the company growing?

Svetlana Lekoska, Director of Product, Search at Truecaller

Thriving in the limelight – what does it take and how to use the unique position to your product’s advantage. What I mean by this is general strategies of how to position your mindset, actions, behavior when building a product under the magnifying glass and the benefits that that unique position provides.

Nathaniel Kolenberg, Product Manager and Accountable Lead for Payments in Klarna’s Consumer App

How do you maintain a good balance between high performance of the team and their stress levels (and potentially negative impact on their emotions)

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