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  • February 17, 2021
  • Gareth Morris

6 reasons to develop your career in cybersecurity


You don’t even have to open the newspaper to read details of yet another cyber attack with hundreds, if not thousands, of people affected by the breach of their personal data. Never is this more prevalent, concerning or headline-grabbing than when it involves the financial sector. Cybersecurity skills are high in demand, making IT financial security jobs step out of the niche and into the spotlight.

At Evolution Recruitment Solutions, we are at the forefront of seeing IT professionals re-focus their skills and talents towards financial security, continuing their career journey on a more challenging, interesting and rewarding path.

Not yet considered a career in IT financial security? Read our top six reasons why you should.  

1. The learning never stops

Love keeping on top of technology, being attuned to business change and examining cybercrime trends? A career in IT financial security will push you to stay engaged, challenge you to stay one step ahead and require you to be continuously learning. IT security jobs evolve quickly. Your skills and knowledge will always be current and high in demand – making you an attractive candidate now and in the future.

2. The latest tools and techniques

Financial firms are continuously investing in and trialling the latest tools and technologies to beat cybercrime. You’ll be working on the most advanced technologies in security intelligence systems, machine learning, automation and orchestration, and budgets wont restrain you; financial companies are investing on average two-thirds of their security budget into cybersecurity.

3. Making a difference

For many IT job seekers, using your IT skills and knowledge on a daily basis is great, but you want more. If making an impact, helping businesses and protecting the public is something that gets your heart beating, then a career in IT financial security is for you – working for the greater good.

4. Being needed

The cost of cybercrime for financial services has increased 40% over the past three years, to an average of $18.28 million per firm. This figure is significantly higher than any other industry in the world, and that’s only the direct, short-term costs. A financial firm’s most prized possession in helping them to save millions? You. Financial services are investing heavily in the IT professionals putting an end to these crimes, with the average salary increasing 14% per year. Plus, with the worldwide shortage of cybersecurity candidates predicted to reach 1.5 million by 2020, that attractive salary is easily obtainable.

5. Problem-solving

You’ll be solving problems daily. Logic, conceptualisation, synthesising, curiosity, an eye-for-detail, overcoming new challenges – if these skills excite and describe you, then imagine using them every day. You’ll be solving puzzles and learning the latest hacking techniques, from denial-of-service, app attacks, malicious QR codes, cyber-extortion and even abuse on the inside.

6. Variety

IT financial security jobs are rarely accused of being boring. With every wave of new technology comes new risks, new practices and new attacks. You’ll be working on technology and systems that you only ever dreamed of, and they change daily. It really is an exciting industry to be a part of.

Interested in a career in IT security?

At Evolution Recruitment Solutions we work closely with financial services companies, as well as professional services, technology, security and defence businesses, to recruit the IT security professionals of the future. If you think you’ve got what it takes to make a difference, get in touch with me to discuss our latest opportunities.

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