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  • September 21, 2021
  • Andy

3 Ways to Succeed in a Hybrid Workplace


Many workplaces have switched to a hybrid model over the last 18 months. Although this looks different for all businesses, most hybrid workplaces combine home and office working and/or flexible hours which allow employees to choose their preferred working hours depending on when they are most productive. 

Some businesses have been using hybrid working models for a long time, but the pandemic pushed others to take the leap and – for companies that were used to prescribed working hours and always being in a physical office – has taken some getting used to. 

This is the case for employees and leaders, too. Succeeding in a hybrid workplace requires different skills to those that are needed to succeed solely in the office. Here are our tips for getting ahead: 

1. Work on Your Time Management 

If you are in the office a couple of days a week, it makes sense to have your meetings then (as long as those you are meeting with are in the office too!).

Perhaps when you are working at home you are able to concentrate on lengthier tasks that require quiet time? Split up your week in advance and plan your time so that you are working on tasks that suit the environment you are working in – this way, you are more likely to complete the tasks to a higher quality. 

2. Communication is Key 

It’s important to stay in touch with team members – particularly when you are not in the office. More than this, though, in order to truly succeed in a hybrid environment you need to consider your colleagues too.

For your hybrid team to have synergy, you need to ensure that those working from home are not left out of office discussions and vice versa. With technology improving all of the time, there is no excuse for not keeping in touch. 

When you are not all in the office, you can’t simply grab someone for a chat – so make sure that you’re not missing out on those quick touch points just because you’re in different locations. 

3. Make Use of Your Spare Time 

If you are working from home a few days a week, you may well have gained some extra time that was previously used for commuting. What to do with this time? 

Whilst it may be tempting to spend the extra time working, consider using it instead to do things that will make you more productive during your time at work. For example, you could use it to exercise, upskill, meal prep or even catch up on some sleep. 

Doing these small things to improve the health of your body and mind will help you to perform better during the work day. 

Hybrid Working 

Hybrid working isn’t going away, so use these tips to make sure that you and your team work well in this environment and achieve your goals. If you are looking for a new hybrid role, check out our jobs page or, if you are planning to expand your hybrid team please contact us today. 

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