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  • February 17, 2021
  • Gareth Morris

11 common characteristics of successful .NET developers


Whether you’re thinking about a career move, looking for your .NET job promotion or recruiting a .NET developer, at Evolution Recruitment Solutions, we place the top .NET developers into the hottest .NET developer jobs in the UK. And we’ve noticed the common characteristics setting apart the successful candidates.

.NET is an ever-growing IT sector, and .NET development jobs in London, Manchester, Glasgow and the rest of the UK are plentiful. Businesses are in a battle to secure the very best .NET candidates, who we increasingly see demonstrate the following qualities.

1. You don’t reinvent the wheel

Great .NET developers use online resources wherever possible to resolve issues by using existing scripts, codes and tools. It saves time and money while also opening up other useful information and insights. Google, r/DotNet, StackOverflow and DotNetKicks are all great places to speak to people who have been there, solved that, got the t-shirt.

2. You stay relevant

It’s at the bottom of every to-do list – CPD. But staying relevant and on top of .NET tips, tricks and developments turns good .NET developers into great ones, securing high-paying job opportunities. You regularly attend seminars, subscribe to industry-related publications, and network with your peers. Dot Net Curry, DZone and Daily .NET tips are great places to start.

3. You know your limits

You’re open to new challenges while also being honest about what you do and do not know. You surround yourself with people who you can learn from, and you constantly look for ways to add new knowledge and skills to your repertoire. Getting things wrong? That’s okay, as long as you learn from it.

4. You ask questions

You look at projects from the company’s perspective and ask questions about the business case, why things are done that way, what solutions they want to see, what outcome they want to accomplish and what the bigger picture is. And, importantly, you listen.

5. You communicate effectively

Being able to answer questions and communicate complex and technical ideas and solutions in terms that anyone can understand, is a must. Acting superior or confusing people on purpose is not something that you would ever do. Instead, you have excellent communication and relationship skills that make any department happy to work with you.

6. You're trustworthy

Keeping ideas and code confidential comes naturally to you, and something that previous employers and personal referees will immediately refer to when asked for references.

7. You have sound technical knowledge

This characteristic might go without saying, but it’s so important that it’s worth mentioning. Ensure that you have the top skills that will boost your .NET developer career, including technical knowledge of cloud platforms, client-side technologies, libraries, frameworks, agile methods and SQL.

8. You have a PMA

You care deeply about the task at hand (no matter how small) and take feedback (no matter how critical) well. Your positivity extends into a can-do attitude that turns around tasks quickly, and to tight deadlines. This means that project management, planning and cost-saving is your forte, as is maintaining an ongoing dialogue with management and all of those involved.

9. You're solution-driven

Problem-solving is what all .NET developers do. Those wanting to land the more promising, interesting and career-advancing .NET development jobs in the UK produce solutions; solutions that solve the bigger picture, without being over-engineered or over-built.

10. You're passionate

.NET developer roles are hard. You’re grinding code, solving problems and dealing with people who don’t fully understand the complexity of what you do. Having a passion for a .NET developer career is what gets you through the day, produces mind-blowing work and secures you the top .NET career opportunities.

11. You know where to go for the best .NET development jobs

Evolution Recruitment Solutions is a niche IT recruitment agency, specialising in .NET developer roles in London, Manchester, Glasgow and the rest of the UK. We know the skills and characteristics companies are looking for, and we can help you to market those skills and secure your dream job in .NET development.


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