Service Overview

A breakdown of our freelance recruitment services and a bit of insight on how we attract and engage the best tech freelancers on the market!

We deliver highly-skilled tech freelancers

With 10 years of experience working with the Nordic Freelance market, we can help you scale your projects with Freelance talent.


Scientists and analysts. We can provide professionals to help turn your data swamp into a data lake!


The bridge between the development team and customers – They can be tricky hires!


Android, iOS and more. Our mobile development specialists can consult on your mobile projects.


Javascript, Typescript and Vue to help keep your front of house neat and tidy


GoLang, Functional, and Java professionals to help connect all your systems together!


Creating visually appealing and intuitive interfaces for users isn’t an easy task.


Art, design, production and marketing. We cover all aspects of the game design lifecycle.

QA / Testing

Why was the QA engineer afraid of the screen? Because it had bugs!

Our Process

Our process is simple and straightforward, focused on giving the client the time they need to fully understand the profiles we send over. Punctuated with opportunities to pivot when the need arises.

You identify a freelance need
Arrange a call to discuss budgets and the specifications of the role
Qualification Begins
We start to comb through our network to find the right profiles
Review Profiles
We aim to get 3 profiles to you within 24 hours of engagement, with full details on rate, availability, interview times and technical references
You request interviews with the suitable candidates and we set it all up
Following the interview, we arrange video calls to take feedback and discuss next steps
An offer is given by the hiring manager for the candidate. Our compliance team will organise the contracts for the candidate and ensure they're fully compliant. We also work through Workforce Logic.
Candidate Starts
The freelancer gets to work on your project!
We hold monthly check-ins with you and the freelancer to ensure everything is running smoothly
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The Evolution Exchange: how we engage the best talent on the market...

To ensure we’ve always got the best possible Tech Freelance talent available to share with our clients, we’ve invested our time and resources back in to the Nordic Freelance Community. We run regular podcasts and live events with some of the Nordic’s most innovative tech leaders and share them with the Nordic Freelance Community to help them learn from the best and continue to grow their career. 

Active Running Freelancers

Our contractor base forms the back-bone of our community.

Qualified Freelancers

Those who we have pre-qualified through the community are easily contactable.

Listeners per year (spotify)
0 K

The reach of our podcast gives us an opportunity to connect with the best.

Monthly Livestream Attendees

In addition to our podcast, we also run Live Streams on Linkedin.

Evolution Exchange Nordics Podcast in 2022


Contributor & Listener Profiles

Here are some of our more recent guest speakers. Click on the spotify icon to listen to their episode!

Johanna Belfrage

CTO - Insurello

Mats Johansson

Head of Engineering and Product Management - IKEA

Mikkel Weider

CEO - Nordisk Games

how we helped Klarna scale their hiring through europe

Fintech giant Klarna have been a household name since their founding in 2005. Employing over 4000 employees and expanding throughout Europe, Klarna are quickly establishing themselves as one of the worlds’ most ambitious and innovative tech companies.

To support their expansion, Klarna needed staffing services that could scale with them. As such, they engaged with our Contract division to find skilled tech freelancers

As part of our service offering to Klarna, we also provide 4 key areas of payroll and compliance services. Read about our work with Klarna below:

Our Other Clients

Compliance & Risk Services

When it comes to hiring freelancers, you can’t afford to leave yourself exposed by not following correct governmental procedure. However, staying compliant is often tricky and time consuming. Evolution can handle the key processes of compliance for freelance staff. To do this, Evolution provide 3 key areas of payroll and compliance services.

3-Tier Compliance Review

We perform our compliance review on 3 levels; legal (giving you protection in law), contractual (minimising your hiring risk) and regulatory (protection against industry specific regulation like SQEP and DBS).


To provide you with a comprehensive solution to align your local and global workforce, we can assess and ensure compliance for any country; updating wherever and whenever you require.

Acquisition Management

Acquistions may come with their own set of compliance standards that we can help you meet. This also includes managing the onboarding of any new freelancers you might inherit.

Value-Add Services

To be seen by the best Tech Freelance talent, Tech Companies need to consider the messages they’re sending out to the Freelance market – if they’re even sending them at all. In addition to a great Freelancer Sourcing service, we provide these value-add services, focused on providing a platform for clients to reach Freelancers through our networks.

Dedicated Podcast

Our popular tech podcast can be yours to run for an episode, or an entire series, to directly address our freelancers.

Video Content

Producing video content is often time consuming and expensive. We can provide the talent to create video content to help engage freelancers.

Live Events

Utilise our network to host an engaging, educational and inspiration event – this is the quickest most effective way to speak to our network of freelancers.

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