Case Study
27 February 2022
Chris Bennett
8 min read

The Problem

Fintech giant Klarna have been a household name since their founding in 2005. Employing over 4000 employees and expanding throughout Europe, Klarna are quickly establishing themselves as one of the worlds’ most ambitious and innovative tech companies.

To support their expansion, Klarna needed staffing services that could scale with them. As such, they engaged with our Contract division to find skilled tech freelancers

The Work

Evolution Recruitment Solutions are on hand to provide support whenever a need arises for Klarna on an ongoing basis.

We manage the recruitment process from the start, and through defining key skillsets and priorities from the outset, we are able to provide highly relevant profiles for each role – saving Klarna time and resource.

We also manage the organisation of the interview process: determining candidate availability, ensuring times are convenient for key stakeholders, booking them in and obtaining feedback.

Additional Services Provided

In addition to an excellent recruitment service, Evolution also provide a number of value-add services to help meet Klarna’s objectives in the Tech Community.

During our time working with Klarna they have benefitted from the following services:

Employer Branding Content

Passive candidates are individuals who are not actively looking for a job, but would be open to hearing about an opportunity if it were presented to them. They may be content with their current job, or are exploring other options without actively searching for them.

To engage passive candidates, Evolution have delivered a content-led approach to recruitment. By engaging key stakeholders throughout Klarna and inviting them to join our Evolution Exchange Podcast we have been able to market Klarna, and the leaders within Klarna, as an employer of choice to our community of engaged freelancers across podcast and community channels - further establishing Klarna as a technology leader.

Compliance & Risk Services

To handle the key processes of compliance for hired freelance staff, Evolution provide 4 key areas of payroll and compliance services for Klarna:

  • Standard Compliance Service – a standard service for all our clients to ensure all existing staff are correctly payrolled and compliant through one streamlined service.

  • Appointed Deals – handling the compliance and payroll for any new freelancers that Klarna hire themselves, simplifying the management process all within Evolution’s service offering.

  • Migration Acquisitions – for any company Klarna acquire with freelancer staff, they are migrated to the payroll services we offer. This includes adjusting to handle any compliance requirements based on a freelancer’s location or any other specific requirements that may arise – all resolved and managed through Evolution’s compliance service.

  • Ad-Hoc Audits – to provide Klarna with a comprehensive solution to align their global workforce, we can assess and ensure compliance for any country; updating wherever and whenever Klarna requires
  • The Outcome​

    We have and continue to supply Full stack engineering, React and JS software Engineering talent to Klarna as they look to expand into Europe and into other payment solutions.

    So far, we have placed 149 tech freelancers at Klarna and hope to see that figure grow.
    Freelancers Placed
    Podcasts Recorded with Klarna Hiring Managers

    becoming a PINK Consultancy Supplier

    PINK Consultancy Provider
    Our work with Klarna has placed Evolution on the PINK list – a small list of certified consultancy providers to Klarna. To be on the PINK list, Evolution have been through a full demand review and been deemed the best match to Klarna in dealing with appointed and sourced deals globally. It was due to Evolution’s vast reach, exemplary record of supplying top talent, global knowledge, compliance assurance and competitive pricing that qualified them to become a very strong & trusted partner to Klarna.

    The Team

    Chris Bennett

    Nordics Managing Director

    Jeni Howard

    Compliance & Risk Director

    Sophie Gould

    Senior Recruitment Consultant - Nordics