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Digital Transformation

With the improvement of Patient pathways and Patient outcomes at the heart of what it does, the NHS is harnessing the power of technology. From API’s and Automation to Research and Innovation we provide people with skills and a background of working on Programmes and Projects in the Digital Transformation space.

Our people are working on Programmes and Projects throughout the NHS nationally on work related to the delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan


RPA is software that uses bots to perform and automate repetitive administrative tasks.The opportunity to automate in a health care setting is endless from automating financial tasks to booking systems, from measuring oxygen levels to automating vaccination appointments, there are very obvious opportunities to make time and efficiency savings.
The future for automation in the NHS is very exciting.

Clinical Systems

As a patient we will all rely on clinical systems in some way or another as we travel on our patient journey. Our people have experience of implementing EPR systems, upgrading PAS systems and scoping work around a new EPMA system.

IT Pathology

Having worked with Clinisys for the past 18 years as recruitment partner of choice, we are in an excellent position to be able to supply to all IT Pathology needs within an Accute setting. We can support a trust with implementing or upgrading a LIMs system. Our knowledge of ICE, WinPAth and order comms is unrivalled and our database for talent in this area has been developed over a twenty year period.

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Team NHS

Our NHS Team have but an exceptional reputation for collaborating with NHS organisations to help them build high performing digital teams