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Technical Consultant

£30,000 - £45,000
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Technical Consultant 

CliniSys – End to end solutions for the diagnostic journey

Europe’s largest diagnostic IT vendor

Laboratory test results help inform the 70% of patient diagnoses and care planning.

For over 30 years CliniSys Group has been at the forefront of diagnostics workflow, order communications and information management solutions supporting radiology, cardiology and all pathology disciplines including anatomical or cellular, molecular and genetics. These encompass the complete workflow from order, clinical decision support, collection, processing, analysis, results and reporting, through integration into the clinical workflow.

CliniSys Group has built an unrivalled reputation for the deployment of complex diagnostics networks and academic centres – and is the only vendor repeatably delivering across all disciplines end to end – at scale.

Making healthcare smarter and more efficient.


  1. To work within the environment organising and overseeing all customer-based IT implementations, developing quality processes and documentation for installation to satisfy the customer and business requirements
  2. To work within the Service environment organising and overseeing all customer-based IT activities, developing quality processes for finding and resolving incidents and problems to meet defined Service Level Agreements to satisfy the customer and business requirements
  3. To keep abreast of ongoing and future working practices, products and technologies within the IT and pathology domain
    1. To take part in the out of hours on-call rota


    3. Prioritise workload. 
    4. Work with project managers to plan self and teams’ activities
    5. To work within the Professional Services environment completing required customer-based IT implementation project work. This may include but is not limited to:
    6. Work with hardware suppliers and hosting partners to manage, configure and implement the appropriate solutions on site.
    7. Configure hardware maintenance plans.
    8. Design, agree and implement remote access capabilities.
    9. Agree backup, virus protection, etc policies with clients
    10. Documentation requirements and development, e.g., Server build and configuration audits, disaster recovery, support handover, etc.
    11. To act on a consultancy basis with the project delivery/management team for technical issues.
    12. To help improve Professional Services processes and scripts
    13. To work within the Service environment, organising and overseeing all customer-based IT activities. This may include but is not limited to:
    14. Assist with / review / management of network infrastructure incidents including network design and configuration.
    15. Assist with / review / management of hardware platform incidents including SAN/Cluster configuration
    16. Assist with / review / management of general infrastructure incidents including third party support issues e.g., OS-level issues, virus protection etc.
    17. Processes review regarding handover and support of implemented platforms including remote monitoring tools for server hardware support
    18. Improvements to remote access in general.
    19. Participate in strategy for deployment of applications
    20. To act on a consultancy basis with all internal teams to aid with all technical based issues and incidents
    21. To ensure relevant technical documentation is completed/updated for all internal teams and customers as required
    22. Participate in improvements for proactive approach with regards to support methodology and processes.
    23. Pre-emptive checks
    24. Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

    25. Strong motivational skills – can deliver the tasks in difficult circumstances
    26. Excellent verbal and written communication skills; including communicating with technical and non-technical clients and staff at all organisational levels
    27. High levels of commitment and ability to act when necessary
    28. Ability and willingness to work independently
    29. High level of customer service skills
    30. Excellent decision making / problem solving skills
    31. Strong planning and organisational skills
    32. Adaptability / flexible to changing demands
    33. Ability to implement and manage change
    34. Assertiveness and sound judgement

      Depending on experience and skills / expertise, CliniSys offers a competitive salary and generous package as well as a great working environment.

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