Case Study
22 January 2023
Chris Bennett
8 min read

The Problem

Kwalee specializes in creating hyper-casual mobile games which are simple and easy to pick up but challenging to master. Their games are available on both the App Store and Google Play.

The company has created many successful titles such as Draw it, Love Balls, Jumpy Cat and many more. They have around 100 employees and have been praised for their work culture and employee-friendly policies.

Kwalee initially engaged Evolution to help them find Unity Developers to help support their growth while they searched for permanent hires. Kwalee also needed to work with a recruitment agency that could follow their internal processes for screening, testing and interviewing candidates. 

The Work

Evolution Recruitment Solutions are on hand to provide support whenever a need arises for Kwalee on an ongoing basis.

The Kwalee project had specific needs that they had in mind and those were discussed at length before any work was performed.

Once the initial planning phase was complete, we were able to immediately utilise our existing database of immediately available contractors and deliver sample profiles within the first 48 hours of initial engagement.

We provided touch points and check-ins throughout the process to further hone our approach and continue to provide great profiles.

Additional Services Provided

In addition to an excellent recruitment service, Evolution also provide a number of value-add services to help meet Kwalee’s objectives in the Tech Community:

Employer Branding Content

Passive candidates are individuals who are not actively looking for a job, but would be open to hearing about an opportunity if it were presented to them. They may be content with their current job, or are exploring other options without actively searching for them.

To engage passive candidates, Evolution have delivered a content-led approach to recruitment. By engaging key stakeholders throughout Kwalee and inviting them to join our Evolution Exchange Podcast we have been able to market Kwalee, and the leaders within Kwalee, as an employer of choice to our community of engaged freelancers across podcast and community channels - further establishing Kwalee as a technology leader.

Dedicated Slack Channel

To maintain solid lines of communication, we set up a slack channel for our consultants and Kwalee to discuss candidate's in.

Streamlining communication in this regard meant that the candidate not only had a better, quicker experience as they went through the process with Kwalee but it also minimised confusion and optimised discussion around key criteria for candidates.

We provide slack channels to all of our hiring partners as a more streamlined alternative to traditional communication channels.

The Outcome​

Delivering two Unity Developer profiles, Kwalee interviewed quickly and provided prompt feedback enabling us to onboard those candidates quickly. Those contractors made an immediate impact and we were asked then to help Kwalee find an Artist – further establishing Evolution as a true hiring partner.

Unity Developers

The Team

Paul Hackett

Divisional Manager - Gaming

Harry Phokou

Senior Recruitment Consultant - Nordics