Managed Service

Evolution Denmark's Managed Service Solution for Digital Projects

What is Managed Service?

Individually scoped, cost-efficient projects, with evolution taking responsibility for delivery.

By emphasizing individual scoping, the Managed Service offering tailors project requirements to specific needs, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. Cost-efficiency is a central tenet, with budgetary considerations meticulously outlined to prevent scope creep and cost overruns.

Moreover, the MS places a premium on accountability, with Evolution taking on the responsibility for project delivery. This ensures that all stakeholders understand their roles and commitments, fostering a collaborative environment conducive to successful project completion.

Why use Evolution Nordic’s Managed Service Solution?
Cost-Effective Project Delivery
Budget around a single project, as opposed to multiple personnel.
Milestone-based Agreement
Only pay for agreed work, on agreed dates. Never pay for work you aren't satisfied with.
Results-focused Model
Deliverables are clear from the very beginning.
Clear Roadmap for Success
Know what good looks like from the start and have easy access to updates when required around regular scheduled check-ins.
Strong Partnership Relationship
Evolution will be taking a lead at every stage, providing you with as much additional support as neccessary
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Proven Capabilities

We have proven delivery capabilities in the following industries
Architecture | Visualisation | BI | ML | AI
Front-end | Back-end | Architecture
Product | Change Management

Our Managed Service Process

Although all of our Managed Service processes are somewhat bespoke to the client, we do have a standard process we like to follow when working on Managed Service projects.
Step 1: Team
We will assemble a proficient team and execute thorough onboarding processes, encompassing culture, outcome, team, and orientation. Additionally, we establish a comprehensive resource pool with necessary tools and expertise, and implement robust service management protocols. These initiatives ensure seamless execution, client satisfaction, and alignment with project objectives.
Step 2: Progress
In stage 2, progress is monitored through SLA monitoring, SoW progress review, and team communications. Milestone tracking is implemented to ensure project advancement. These measures maintain project momentum, facilitate effective communication, and uphold accountability for meeting objectives.
Step 3: Data & MI
In step 3, Data & MI, we focus on data collection, progress tracking, spend tracking, and burn rates. These metrics provide insights into project performance, expenditure, and resource utilization. By monitoring these factors, we optimize decision-making, enhance efficiency, and ensure alignment with project objectives.
Step 4: Experience
In step 4, Experience, we prioritize progress tracking, client reviews, risk appraisal, added value assessment, and service management & performance evaluation. These elements ensure client satisfaction, mitigate risks, and enhance service delivery, reflecting our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and value-added services.
Step 5: Closure
In step 5, Closure, we execute an off-boarding plan and ensure a smooth handover process. By meticulously managing the conclusion of the project, we guarantee a seamless transition for stakeholders and uphold our commitment to delivering exceptional service from start to finish.
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Value-Add Features

Additional features available to those who choose to use our Managed Solution.
Dedicated Podcast
Use the Evolution Exchange DenmarkPodcast platform to share your company values and important updates to inspire potential candidates.
Dedicated Live Event
Use the Evolution Denmark Live platform to provide valuable content back to the community – positioning yourself as an employer of choice.
Life @
Use the Evolution Denmark Live platform to provide valuable content back to the community – positioning yourself as an employer of choice.

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