Case Study
27 February 2022
Chris Bennett
8 min read

Our Work With Klarna

Evolution partnered with Klarna, a leading financial technology company, to provide specialized recruitment services for sourcing tech freelancers. Klarna needed skilled professionals to support their ambitious tech projects and ensure timely delivery. Leveraging Evolution’s network and expertise, a tailored approach was adopted to identify top-tier freelancers who aligned with Klarna’s requirements. Evolution successfully placed tech freelancers in various disciplines, including software development, data analysis, UX/UI design, cybersecurity, and project management. These professionals seamlessly integrated into Klarna’s teams, driving innovation and maintaining a competitive edge.
The partnership extended beyond talent acquisition, fostering close collaboration and effective project coordination. Evolution’s role in attracting and retaining top-tier tech talent enabled Klarna to achieve project milestones and excel in the financial technology market. This case study showcases the challenges faced, recruitment strategies employed, and the overall benefits gained through the Evolution-Klarna partnership, solidifying Evolution’s position as a trusted recruitment agency in the tech industry.

The Team

Gemma Thomason

Backend - Node / Golang

Sophie Gould

Frontend / Fullstack Developers

Abi Stokes

IAM Consultants

Evolution has solved complex staffing solutions; from being able to find payroll solutions in countries that we did not have a presence in yet, to ensuring 100% compliance and sourcing exceptional talent, no challenge has been too big or turned down without being thoroughly investigated first. If the proposed solution was not in Klarna’s best interest then they would always guide in finding another way to reach the same objective.

Emma Asserlind - Business Operations Manager - Klarna

Amy and Evolution Compliance Team onboarded our team members quickly, enabling them to continue working without pause. The Evolution Compliance Team was able to ensure that one of our consultants in Egypt complied with local laws regarding freelance work. The team is truly able to assist with folks all over the globe! We we’re looking for minimal impact on teams work, so 10/10 for helping to maintain the team’s productivity.

Steve Effron - Accountable Lead - Klarna Trips Content

In my time working at Klarna, I was required to cover and allocate freelance engineers to progress various on-going work streams. Evolution supported me to hire high level engineers in a short time. Not only that, Evolution also maintained relationships with these Freelancers even after we the contract was signed, ensuring they’re happy. They demonstrated commitment and compromise with Klarna and the engineers. I am happy to have been working with them.

Pablo Mussari - Associate Engineering Manager - Klarna

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