Combient Mix

Case Study
27 February 2022
Chris Bennett
8 min read

Our Work With Combient Mix

Evolution partnered with Combient Mix – a collaborative innovation initiative involving several prominent Nordic companies, to provide specialized recruitment services in sourcing tech freelancers. Combient Mix sought skilled professionals to support their diverse range of innovative projects and drive digital transformation across industries. Leveraging Evolution’s network and expertise, a tailored approach was implemented to identify top-tier freelancers with expertise in various technology domains, including software development, data analytics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and more. Evolution successfully placed tech freelancers who seamlessly integrated into Combient Mix’s collaborative teams, bringing their unique skills and fresh perspectives to the innovation process.

The partnership extended beyond talent acquisition – fostering close collaboration and effective project coordination. Evolution’s role in attracting and retaining top-tier tech talent empowered Combient Mix to realize groundbreaking solutions, drive industry-wide advancements, and create sustainable impact. This case study highlights the challenges faced, recruitment strategies employed, and the overall benefits gained through the Evolution-Combient Mix partnership, reinforcing Evolution’s position as a trusted recruitment agency in the technology and innovation landscape.

The Team

Charlotte Roberts

Data Engineering / Data Analysis

Sophie Gould

Frontend / Fullstack Developers

I have worked with Charlotte for two positions where she did a great job at finding me the perfect match. She was particularly good at working around my constraints on the engagement level. Furthermore, she is very good at communicating and knows how to sell an applicant to employers.

Sobhan Badiozamany - Data Engineering Consultant, Combient Mix

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