Evo Gaming #160 – Data in Gaming

Meet the speakers

Ignacio Amaya de la Pena

Lead Machine Learning Engineer At ROVIO

Asko Relas

Principal Machine Learning and Data Engineer At HypeHype Inc

Anabel Silva Rojas

Head of Data & Analytics At Paradox Interactive

Today's host

Heather Nicholls

In Evo Gaming #160, host Heather Nicholls delves into the captivating world of data in gaming. Joining her are industry experts Ignacio Amaya de la Pena, Lead Machine Learning Engineer at ROVIO; Asko Relas, Principal Machine Learning and Data Engineer at HypeHype Inc.; and Anabel Silva Rojas, Head of Data & Analytics at Paradox Interactive. This episode explores the power of data-driven insights in shaping the gaming landscape. From machine learning advancements to leveraging analytics, these guests share their expertise on how data transforms the gaming industry, enhances player experiences, and drives innovation forward. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation with leaders at the intersection of gaming and data.

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