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Software Engineer

London Bridge London Bridge Location Sydney
Job Type
Evolution Recruitment Solutions https://www.evolutionjobs.com/

Technical Skills

  • React
  • Node
  • JavaScript
  • CSS

Desirable (or bonuses)

  • GraphQL
  • TypeScript

Who are they?
Thinkmill are one of the leading JavaScript houses in Sydney, with a strong focus on React/Node stack, and also have branched out more recently into design and product services. They are at the forefront of development, and want to create a supportive tech-driven community. They are responsible for setting up ReactJS meetups, they also set up the ReactConfAU (last year – one of the biggest JavaScript conferences in the southern hemisphere). Their CoFounder was invited to open the React conference in L.A in 2018. They also run Keystone and host a number of upskilling and training sessions with musecode. 

In terms of work, they partner with some of the biggest tech houses and best projects in the space. Some examples of their clients include: Atlassian, Reckon, Vercel, Qantas, Breville, Domain, Brighte and Sonos. They also hosts a number of open source projects with 3,000,000 donwloads amonth (including people from Cisco, Shopify, IBM Watson, WordPress and Spark). 

– Personal, Business and Exceptional bonus schemes
– Upskilling and training opportunities internally (including being upskilled across their web-stack)
– Working onsite or with some of the top tech houses in Sydney
– Training budgets and hardware-provisions
– 6 month reviews (with 1 on 1 training and progression meetings)

.NET Development