Case Study
27 February 2022
Chris Bennett
8 min read

The Problem

Karbon is a product-based tech scale up that first reached out to Evolution in 2019 for an exclusive partnership to find senior tech leads to build out the company’s processes and best practices. After receiving their first funding of 14 million, Karbon was ready for rapid growth and that meant doubling the size of their engineering teams. There was a need to hire 40-50 people across DevOps, Business Intelligence, Front-end and Back-end tech leads.
In this competitive marketplace, one of the biggest challenges was to differentiate from other tech companies to attract the best candidates.

The Work

Evolution has been on this journey with Karbon from start to finish, providing a complete recruitment solution. It begins with an exploration process to get an in-depth understanding of Karbon’s needs. This meant asking the right questions about projects, technology, skillset requirements as well as understanding best practices, team dynamics, culture and more.
Evolution also provided guidance on competing and winning in this market by improving the interview process and ensuring a great experience to get the right talents across the line. With the anticipated “great resignation” due to COVID-19, retention strategies were also put in place early on to increase the longevity of new employees. This included gathering insights into what was important to their employees.
The candidate pool at Evolution was large with pre-existing relations and talented candidates who possess the right skillsets. But Karbon is very much an engineering environment where teams solve problems with the customer and business in mind. Therefore, the overall approach not only considered candidates based on skills but also their personality, mindset, and their experience in using best practices to meet the requirements of Karbon as a business.

The Outcome

With the long-term vision in mind, Evolution and Karbon worked together to build the core pillars of the business through senior hires while continuing to fill roles as part of their growth. Evolution used a solution-oriented approach to engage in the challenges, making a major impact on Karbon’s overall journey and success.
Karbon now has an environment of outstanding people with similar mindsets, who all contributed to their current culture of high performing teams and great work life balance. This has been evident as part of Karbon’s success story as they received further funding of 93 million and are increasing headcount by 170 in 2022. As a trusted partner of Karbon, Evolution will continue to work alongside them to create an amazing recruitment experience.
The story of anyone who interacts with Karbon, both employees and customers, experience the same consistent feeling of enthusiasm and warmth.

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