Case Study
27 February 2022
Chris Bennett
8 min read

The Problem

ANZ, an Australian multinational banking and financial services company, needed highly skilled engineers to build new streams of products and work on high-priority migration projects.
As a top bank, ANZ has a strict tier list of preferred suppliers when it comes to using recruitment agencies. However, their suppliers were unable to find and source several of the key roles required to complete their projects, and that’s when ANZ reached out to Evolution for our expertise.

The Work

ANZ agreed to list Evolution on an off-panel agreement which allowed us to recruit for positions their suppliers were unable to. Some roles were vacant for over 6 weeks before we received them, and other roles had to meet specific diversity requirements that were a challenge to find.
Evolution worked closely with ANZ to understand their project requirements, the details of the roles, and their previous challenges with finding the right talent. With a dedication to the client’s requirements accompanied by the skill level and market knowledge of our team, Evolution was able to fill the roles within a matter of days.
Roles that Evolution filled include Executive Level Cloud Engineers and Product Owners, Cloud Consultants, Senior Software Engineers, Senior DevOps Engineers, and Data Engineers.
Our proven track record with ANZ allowed us to be known as trusted and skilled resource partners and as such were invited to join their list of preferred suppliers.

The Outcome

Evolution took care of the end-to-end recruitment process, saving ANZ hours of time not having to screen, interview and provide feedback on irrelevant profiles that other agencies were sending. This enabled us to build strong relationships with the HR team, which created trust in us to contact Hiring Managers directly to source their talent.
Evolution has worked with ANZ for more than 12 months now and has filled every role that has been released. In this partnership, Evolution was able to half ANZ’s recruitment time in the market, deliver the exact resource they needed, and provided candidates with a better recruitment experience.

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